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Anhydrous...BAD STUFF!!

After spending some time in the er early Sunday morning I was still under the weather (viral stomach flu/dehyration)when my daughter called me from school saying that someone had told them to "leave town" and "go east"there was an anhydrous leak.She told me that she was leaving with her friend and going to Washington until it was safe.I said ok and went to get my 70year old mother because she lives fairly close to the leak.I got her and went to Washington also to wait it out.On our way I saw over 20 emergency vehicles of various types go by.There was at least 5 different towns that sent equipment.My 91 year old grandmother lives in the senior center and there were plans to evacuate the seniors via mid american bus to Washington but the buses were later sent back empty.By later that evening mom,me and my daughter were all back at my home.We heard that by midnight they had it under control.You could smell it and my sinuses were bad and my daughter said her eyes were bothering her. Thats my fun filled weekend/monday !!!!!!!!!!
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