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Re: finished biulding Raptor 50 but

"R A" <rawright(remove)> wrote in message
> Hello just finished putting together my new Raptor 50 v2 and took it of
> the ground in heading hold mode of a csm 560 gyro that was fine tried with
> out heading hold and it turned left slightly I put in right stick and can
> hold a good hover my question is, it says on the csm instructions that I
> should not use the radio trim with a head hold gyro is this correct or am
> I interpreting it wrong as I know I can adjust the rod for the desired
> trim but I find it hard to believe the radio manufactures give us all
> these fine trims etc but then your told you cant use them with a head hold
> gyro, or am I thick and missing something.

You are, full stops and comma's, but leaving that aside (for now), you have
two options (3 if I'm being pedantic)

Option 1.. Adjust the tail pushrod length to suit.

Option 2.. Flick the HH/Rate switch (the one yu use to programme the gyro) 3
or 4 times while you're flying. The 560 will then interpret those "flciks"
as a command to sort itself out and hold the heli in both HH and non HH

Option 3 (I'm being pedantic).. RTFM properly.

Learn to take a breath when you're writing, it'll tell you where to put a
full stop (that's a period to you) or even a comma:-)


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