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Originally Posted by Jim Walker
I refuse to seperate church and R/C. I firmly believe that my feverish prayers during flying are the only thing that keeps me from crashing!

As for side tracking this thread, we have to do something while we're waiting for flybike to get going again on big floyd.
I am with Jim on this one...

I apologize

I never ment to start a fight over a personal oppinion post about forgiving overs!
I do apologize for starting a fight, but I DO NOT apologize for standing on The Word and trying to agree on a good virtue such as forgivness!
And I find it offenceive to have said "Noone should not forgive someone, or the Lord will not forgive you of your next sins untill you do so in sincarity! " and have people say im shoving my religion down their throats!
And I will not take lightly personal attacks on my spelling and grammer!

Dougledell and Magnum9,
If you are offended by one person's oppinion(which we are all intitled to) ignore them and do not attack them over it, because I, personaly, will not stand by and let a personal attack on me and my spirituality slide!

If you are so offended by one person's comments that you have to attack them, do it though PM and not on an open thread so that others may join in on the stomping of another person's beliefe's
If you do not believe in God, that is your problem, do not attack someone else over your own issiues and belief's, especialy in public! This is why Personal Messaging on this forum was setup to keep arguments like this from happoning!
Do no bash someone's religion or belief's simply becasue you think they are wrong about it and life its self! Just ignore it or PM them about it, which is the manture thing to do, instead of getting pissed off and inviting a definsive responce!

And attacking someone over they're spelling and grammer(both of which could be typeo's) does not incurrage them do fix it, it mirely pisses them off, which fuels a responce to defend themselves, as I did.

I have apologized in every responce and yet some people can't accept that and keep on expressing their personal oppinions which doesn't solve the problem.
In short, keep it to your self!
And If you dont have anything nice to say, dont say it at all(which will keep things like this from happoning again!)

Again, I sincerly apologize for offending some people and for getting this thread off topic.
It was not intended and I will delete this and all my other posts partining to this subject if everyone else will as well!

I was NOT trying to start a fight or shove anything down anyone's throat by saying God doesn't forgive thoughs who do not forgive others.
It was a comment shared though my spirituality and if you do not agree with it let it slide.

I will leave this thread sence it is apparent that someone who is trying his best to do as the Bible says is not wanted in the airplane flying community.
I will pray for thoughs who are lost, and dont bash me for trying to be nice.

Sorry for the inconvenience, folks.
I hope you can forgive me for trying to help with life's values and trying to apologize repeatedly.

I will leave you all with a quote that I hope you do not 'think' between the lines on to look for something to get upset about!

This was once on a Cathedral door in London England

"Give me a mind that is not bord,
Give me a sence of humor Lord!
Give me the grace to see a Joke,
And pass it on to other folk."
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