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Re: finished biulding Raptor 50 but

According to the instructions to make the center trim of mode 0 and mode 2
the same, you need to switch between the two 5 times in one second intervals
while maintaining slow level forward flight. To be honest, my Raptor
30V2heading hold
still turns to the left after the procedure.

From the instrutions:
While hovering or in slow forward flight simply switch the gyro mode/gain
switch on your transmitter back and forth five times between the two modes.
Hold each mode for about 1 second. The right timing for this is easily
obtained by counting the clicks of the switch out aloud to yourself as you
do it. If the adjustment of the tail linkage is within a reasonable range of
the correct setting the Quick-trim will now compensate for the residual trim
error and the trim state of mode 0 should match that of mode 1. Repeat the
Quick-trim sequence several times to allow the gyro to home in on the
perfect trim.

Good luck

"R A" <rawright(remove)> wrote in message
> Hello just finished putting together my new Raptor 50 v2 and took it of
> the ground in heading hold mode of a csm 560 gyro that was fine tried with
> out heading hold and it turned left slightly I put in right stick and can
> hold a good hover my question is, it says on the csm instructions that I
> should not use the radio trim with a head hold gyro is this correct or am
> I interpreting it wrong as I know I can adjust the rod for the desired
> trim but I find it hard to believe the radio manufactures give us all
> these fine trims etc but then your told you cant use them with a head hold
> gyro, or am I thick and missing something.
> Rob