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First Flight

Managed to hold the weight down to 8.3 oz with a 14-turn 24AWG cdrom motor to see if it could haul the plane. (Could have held the weight to 8oz flat but needed to use a TP 730 2s all the way out at the nose to keep the balance reasonably forward).

It works! Pullout is feeble, and most people would want more power (including me) but will fly adequately with a cd motor. On the other hand, 8.3 oz doesn't really allow a stable balance (my cg is a bit over 40-percent back). This just confirms the design recommendation to use a heavier and more powerful motor, which I will soon.

At a guess, 8-1/2 ounces is probably about the minimum weight to get the balance right, and planning on maybe nine ounces would give some flexibility.

Dave North
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