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It's almost as if you and I received a different plane.

All of your comments have merit, though I'd have to say that to what extent they apply to the average user. You seem to be VERY particular.

I do disagree with the assembly comments that this is a more difficult build. In no way did I find it so... and built it quite quickly.

Perhaps my comments regarding the "pull away" hinges were misinterpreted. The plus side is the ability of the surface to detach upon impact. And yes as is the case with the elevator isn't as "replaceable" as the ailerons or rudder.

The term used was crash resistance. And on several ocaasion when hovering a foot or so off the ground I dorked it only to find a surface had pooped off the axle. It didn NOT come off entirely, but saved the surface from frther damage.

That's not to say it's indestuctible... as I have several times knocked the SFG's off. I've also cracked a surface... but less than I have experienced on shoclies or other foam aircraft.

This is an experience you might enjoy after you actually fly yours. Add to that the tremendous flight charateristics and this plane is a winner.

The plane flies great despite your claims of it being heavy, and it's not just my opinion... as many falout owners are raving about the plane.

I don't mean to sound reactive, but your post failed to recognize any positive attributes. Perhaps you found none... if that is the case I'd contact GP and send it in for a refund.

I'm sorry you found it so lacking as I found it to be the cat's meow... perhaps there is that much difference between builders.
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