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Originally Posted by Jindra M

I know you fly from dirt field but there was never intention to fit retract in plane that small. You may try [...] Not to mention the weight gain. [...] Hope you are good on the throttle
I retrofitted retracts on the Aeronaut Rafale and the Aeronaut Panther, and they rog fine off of dirt (see pic below). The Rafale on takeoff blows a plume of dust 100 feet long ...

But I agree the wing is light and thin, so some reinforcing is necessary. I would not use anything but Springairs 602's though.

You guys have to understand that the more you tell me it can't be done, the more I set my mind to it

Seriously, I have also toyed around with the possibilty of doing an Ulf Herder type of setup, namely use a hot motor (Hacker B50-12S, kv=2000) on 3S Kokams 3200 HD, ca. 400-500 Watts peak in a 50oz (1420g) rtf setup.

With this setup it should rog off CA grass (ok Bob, gravel ) no problem without lg. Or a Joerg Rehm jettisonable twin wheel dolly.

I've flown a few MiG-15's before (3x) and I like very much the way they handle. But I know also that too high wingloading means vicious tipstalls on landing approaches ...

Have you tried flying it without wing fences?

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