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Pusher Jet Power Set-Ups...Need For Speed!

Hey guys,

I'm REALLY feeling the need for speed again! I've been super busy with all my 3D stuff lately and have completely ignored the jet bug that's been lurking inside... I'm completely awed by the number of foamy pusher jets that have cropped up in the last year!

Anyway, I'm thinking of revisiting a couple of my older designs in Depron and am looking for input on the various power systems being used now. WAY too many threads to sift through to gleen the info...

What are the fastest set-ups being used now (motor/prop/batt.), direct drive and geared? I'm thinking 3 classes. Small - under 12oz. Med. - 16-30 oz. Large - 30 plus oz.

Below are some pics of some of my foamy pusher designs that I did about 3 years ago with Fan Fold foam. Wasn't much interest then... This was back when you couldn't even get Depron in the US. How things have changed... I'm thinking about re-visiting the MB339 and Bobcat, but with updated power systems (pusher).

I've got tons of ideas for some cool stuff... Any interest in the MB339 and/or Bobcat? I've also dug up my plans for an F-20. I'm thinking of doing it first. Don't know yet though...

Anyway, post your successfull power setups here. Hopefuly, we can turn this thread into the diffinitive "Pusher Jet Power Set-Up" thread.

Let's see whacha' got guys...

MB339 set up - Then
Mega 22/20/4
10 cell CP1700
APC 9x6 electric
VERY fast, but heavy with the CP cells.
Video of MB339 prototype

Bobcat set up - Then
MF480/Kontronic Fun-400-36
10 cell CP1700
Fast, but heavy...
Pusher set-up
Mega 16-15-3
8 cell FAU1700 NmH
4.75x4.75 prop
fast, but heavy too.

Tim H.
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