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Well Hippo guide is surely very helpful for the US, but as I said, even the DOW Canada customer service wasn't able to identify any suppliers in CANADA, not just my region but the whole country !

And as Markz said, he worked there and never saw that product around the plant.

I mean its pretty hard to find the product when DOW itself doesn't know about any Canadian supplier...

I even talked with the sales manager of Weyerhaeuser, which is the prime supplier of DOW product in Canada and the guy knew what Bluecor (or Protection board 3) was but he confirmed me that they didn't sell that to anyone in Canada. He says that the product is barely know here in Canada.

I still have the travel to US option, but without being 100% sure to come back with a bundle, I'm not too sure I want to make the trip to Main...

Hippo as offered to ship some here, that would be an option BUT... I went on the UPS website and did a quote for a 48"x24"x12"x8lbs package... result: around 45$ Shipping !!!

So 45$ shipping + around 30$ a bundle = 75$ US (110$ CAD). A bit expensive for me, and if my girlfriend know that, she kills me for sure ;-)

Thanks a lot for the offer though Hippo, I'm really glad some people are trying to help us Canadians to try and get some.

As Pierre said, I guess I'll have to keep working with thick foam...
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