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I give up on Bluecor... Not available in Canada...

I've searched, and searched and searched in every, and I mean EVERY &?@*@ Hardware shop, Home improvement shop, siding shop... They all looked at me as if I was a Martian...

I explained to them what Bluecor or Protection Board III as its also called was and what it was used for but they all tried to sell me rolls of bubble paper coated with aluminium... GRRR !!!

I called the DOW Canada cutomer service, the only help they were able to give me was a contact at Weyehauser Canada but this guy told me "we're not selling this in Canada".

So I give up, I wont be able to find the product anywhere near.

I'm down to a few options now:

-Drive to United States, which is a couple of hours from here and try to find some there... If I can't find it, it will be a 4 hours round trip for nothing...

-Buy 3" Blue foam board and slice it in 1/4" sheets. Tried that already with pink foam but couldn't get straight panels, every single sheet I did "bowed"... Blue foam board didn't have the same texture as pink foam though, I'm wondering if it would make a difference...

-Use foam posterboard, Hunt Bienfang, 20"x30" at 10 for 30$CAD.

-Quit Foam building... NO !!!!!

-Ask someone from this board to generousely ship a Bluecor bundle down here all cost paid by myself... But I fear the shipping cost would be pretty high with the size of the package...

Anyways, if someone has any solutions to propose...

If anyone from Vermont found some Bluecor, let me know as I'm pretty near from Vermont here.


Fred "pretty discouraged"
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