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This plane started out as an actuator plane to test 2-cell M20 systems for the full fuselage Citabria project I've been collaborating on with Carl Martin for some time now. The wing span, plane length, wings, are the same as the full fuselage Citabria. After a loop indoors broke apart the major pieces of this plane it sat on a shelf for months. I resurected it to serve as a test bed for micro BL motors and converted it to micro servos. It is designed so motors with turned dowls can be slipped over the fuselage and adhered with a bit of tape to another dowl permanently glued to the fuselage stick. This means there is no down or right thrust, but it's easy to trim the plane to counteract the lack of this.

Span: 18-inches, area = 72 sq.inches, BSD 4" chord undercamber foam wings.
Motor: either Mighty Midget 2-cell motor or Gary Jones BL disc motor, or any other BL motor to be tested.
Receiver: JMP servo RX
Servos: Falcon, rudder/elevator
Battery: either 2-cell Kokam 145mAh or larger cell such as Worley 170 or ET-250.
Weight: 41g to 44g depending on motor and/or battery pack used.

This plane will fly comfortably in a single court gym. Outdoors in calm weather it really comes alive. It has an incredibly steep climb since the thrust from the typical BL motors I've flown it with range from about 40g to 60g. Loops are very easy, and it flies till I'm tired and land it. Not only is it a good test bed, but it's a very satisfying and stable flyer.

Since these pictures were taken I've added a CF rod pin on each pylon to loop a rubber band over to secure the wing for firmly for outdoor flying.

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