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Working Micro BL Powered Models

This thread is a managed thread similar to the Working Pager Powered Models thread. As Graham likes to say, here are the rules of engagement, which you should be used to by now.

1. Post a pic of your micro BL powered model along with pertinant details such as motor, prop, AUW, wingspan etc. To keep things to true micro brushless, the weight of the brushless motor must be less than or equal to 7.5 grams (does not have to include the weight of the motor mount).

2. ONLY post working models, not works in progress or things you are sure will fly. Post some details of the performance.

3. If there is a thread on your plane, please post a link to that thread.

4.Chat is ok, but will be deleted periodically to keep the thread clean and a useful reference to those thinking about jumping into the micro BL area. If you have a question then ask and once answered the info should be added to the origional post and then I'll delete the question. Or send a PM and if the info is pertinant they should add it to their post.

There is a Working Micro Brushless Outrunner Motors thread. If your plane has a motor you built yourself, please also post your motor in that thread and any additional details about the motor you would like to share.

That's about it really.

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