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One more thing

About ARF's
I have nothing agains't the concept. I buy semi-kits myself. And some ARF's. My problem is that they are part of an evergrowing problem of proliferation for proliferations sake. If you were to take all the ARF model designs produced and separate out the junk, you'd have enough raw material to power other market needs. We are spending less quality time with our kids, less time in activities that involve patience and stress relief and replacing it with instant gratification alternatives.

From my perspective, having spent a few years in Asia, a year in Europe and forteen years in the Pacific Rim, I see certain aspects of this thinking in a pretty depressing light. You cannot tell me that Asian workers are better off building some of this crap than the alternative. You have to see it for yourself. And we are driving it. Sorry, but thats how I see it.

As for the kit-builders. They are a diminishing breed. Or are they. There choices are narrowing a bit and its getting harder to find a hobbyshop that carries kits or parts for aircraft, but they are there. If you talk to manufacturers, you get a mixed message. On one hand, they say they don't sell the percentage of kits they used to. On the other hand, they say that there is a better sales margin in ARF's. Who's driving what? Whats driving what?

I don't have any real answers. But I do wish we could be a little smarter about how we regulate our desires. It was just brought to my attention that there is a real apathy of action on the part of forum contributors. This is not uncommon in any consumer market in the states. The power of one short letter, multiplied by thousands can make or break a company. Americans still don't realize the power they have. Or don't care. Here in Europe, it is very different. If a product is packaged in an environmentally unfriendly way, it is the source of untold complaints and is gone in no time. Most central Europeans just won't stand for it the way they won't stand for junk design. Unfortunately, there are signs of a shift. Just like the U.S. thirty years ago.

Like I said, I don't know. I would hope that we get smart about what we will accept on the shelves, how it got there, and at what expense to the planet and public health. In my business, I tell people that they can produce something of quality, or something totally crap from the same pound of raw material. Its our choice. We just have to speak up.

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