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Why The Rant?

Let me preface: I have never owned an RC airplane company before, so I'm not being critical. I have no idea what goes on. I simply don't understand your rant. SO I have three questions, just out of curiosity...

1) When you say...
"The SuperTalon is basically the same ship with a 60 inch span, ballast tube and four servo wing. Its a goer. Too bad Dynaflite is too wrapped up in ARFs to be interested..."

...Why do you wish to sell this design to another company? Why aren't you selling kits directly to consumers,and thereby ensuring the kit quality forever?

2) Why did you sell the original Talon design to another company?

3) I've always thought that when you sell a company or design, that you basically walk away from any ability to influence the product or company going forward. Is this not really the case in business? (As I mentioned, I don't own a company or design, so maybe in real-life you sign something that states that you have the ability to influence product or company policy after the sale).

Just curious

AND LASTLY, in terms of licensing the design to a third party, have you ever contacted Ed Berris of SkyKing RC? I have never dealt with him in business, but I have heard of several venerable designs that were licensed to SkyKing in the past two years. Also I have heard that SkyKing has been excellent in the area of preserving the integrity of the original design. I have heard (right here on RCGroups) of many satisfied owners of SkyKing Shrikes, SkyKing DAW kits, etc...

Happy Flying ;-)

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