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Originally Posted by RobinBennett
> 3) anything that can't gain altitude with authority if it has a power off sink
> over run ratio (glide angle) worse than 1:30.

What sort of beaurcratic, politically correct, pinko liberal rubbish is this?

3) Anything that doesn't have unlimited vertical.

Also, a more efficient way to thin the herd would be to let them have a go on an 'approved' e-plane then give them the leaflet and watch them scoop their own e-poop.

So, how long do we get before this gets moved to LTUAP?

Hey! hey!! hey!!!.... this IS NOT a @#$%& democracy!!!

...I do like the "have them do away with their own e-poop" idea. Maybe it's up to the e-poop spotter to douse the plane in petrol/gas/anything-with-willingness-to-burn-really-well, and then hand the e-poop offender some matches, and if they don't light it up, then torch their Tx also... and possibly their car.
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