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Originally Posted by Basketcase
Who's going to decide what is worthy or unworthy?
...silly question... ME, of course!!!

What's garbage to one person is the bomb to someone else.

You'll get my Pico Moth when you pry it from my cold dead fingers. I know a lot of people hate them. And a lot of people love them.
Pico moth is safe. Very quaint little flyer. Here's a start for a quick start for a list...

The E-Poop Identification List:

1) anything over 15" wingspan that "steers" by asymetrical thrust.
2) anything advertised as "landing itself", especially if it has a "land" button
3) anything that can't gain altitude with authority if it has a power off sink over run ratio (glide angle) worse than 1:30.

I think we also need a graphics guy with time on his hands to make up one of those WWII silhouette identification card/posters!


PS: Shut up, and quit your whinging!

(*anyone found not taking this thread in the light hearted and non-serious, non-attacking, manner by which it is intended will be spanked and shot)
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