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Does E-Flight just need to selectively thin out the herd?

With all the recent "whats the best argument ?" thread, and the squillions of threads that degrade into pointless "electrics vs glow", I was struck with a point of view...

Nobody mentions that some electric planes, typically e-planes that are getting older, actually do 100% genuinely suck eggs. Horrible buckets of worthless moosh. I remember years ago getting an out of the box electric glider to climb, and it just wouldn't. The best the motor could do was little more than maintain height, and that was with a glider wing!!

So this leads me to think... that the electric movement should go about selectively thinning the herd. Only fly really good examples of what can be done with electric flight.

The call to action is... if you see anyone trying to fly what you deem as an unworthy electric powered plane.... run over to it, break it across your knee, jump on it, and then set it on fire. When it's burned up, bury it, and recover the grass with fresh topsoil so it's never even recognised as "used to be an electric plane". Just tell the pilot/owner that you're simply acting on behalf of the "electrics for better electrics campaign", that his/her model has been deemed an unworthy bucket of e-poop, and was an embarrasment to the movement ...and walk off!

Maybe we should print up a standard letter for more lengthy explanations for the pilot/owner, and we can serve them out like traffic fines!

After a while, all electric models will be simply awesome examples of the species, and the glow pilots will have no choice but to respect the e-power!


PS: don't yield until all electric blood runs pure!

(...this said, I can get back to reading my new copy of Mein Kampf)
( that new book smell)
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