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I really have no idea what the AUW of this A10 actually is..
Based on experienced it 'feels' a bit heavy and I have not tried at what speed it will stall and so on. Will try that later so landings at a littlebit lower speed will be possible.

I would really recommend the EDF55 instead of the 50's, I presume these 50's will not provide enough thrust for a 'pleasant' flight. Some power left over with the 55's will sometime get in handy if you have to make an overshoot whilst trying to land, just like jets on a aircraft carrier.

Even if possible try to get your hands on the EDF55-300 instead of 150's.
These slightly bigger motors wil be more able to handle the currents on the coils and so on. When I give full throttle and you look at the back-end at the motors you see the motors lit up with sparkles, wich is not very good for a long lifetime of these engines. Thats why I throttle back after start.
Stick to the max voltage for these motors too, or else you will burn 'm up

Originally Posted by OhioPete
Great video!

Do you happen to know what the AUW is for this plane the way you have it setup? I'm asking because I plan on getting an A-10 but I'm not sure if I want one with the EDF-55's or EDF-50's.
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