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Seagull Model Harrier 3D

rthorne, I just finished mine this last weekend
I usually check the Ezone before I buy a plane, but I was in the hobby shop Saturday, saw this plane and had to have it. Hey, it comes with a battery hatch all ready made! So here's the run down on mine....
APC 14x7e, AXI 4120/18, Phoenix 60, Tanic 4900 6s2p (2-4900 3s2p in series), Hitec super slim rx, 4.8v 650mAh Hydrimax rx battery, (4) Hitec HS-325HB servos. I started on it at 3pm Saturday afternoon & finished around 3pm Sunday. Not counting breaks and mandatory sleep, I guess it took 12-13hrs to build, start to finish. I thought two std. size elevator servo's was overkill for a .40 size plane, so I made a elevator joiner out of music wire. I drilled holes in the ele's with my drill press (to make sure the holes were square to the hinge line). I epoxy the joiner in and installed both ele cont horns, centering them over the ele joiner just for a little extra security/strength. My motor mount may not be the best looking, but it works, and was what I had on hand. The standoffís, 5/8Ē hardwood dowel cut to 2 1/8Ē, with the center is drilled out. The AXI firewall is 3/16Ē aircraft ply. I used the holes in the firewall made for the glow engine mount, and glued/bolted everything together. I drilled a hole in the firewall below the fuel tank hole, then cut out the ply between the holes to make one large oval hole. I made a scoop on the bottom of the fuse just aft of the firewall. For the cowl I cut a hole in the front to get more air to the motor and made an air deflector. After the initial flights I moved the speed control in the cowl, inline with the left side cowl scoop thing. It was inside the fuse, beside the battery, but I felt it didnít have good air flow in that location. It wasnít overheating, but warmer than I was expecting. I made a battery tray out of 3/16Ē balsa, glued to the formers where the fuel tank goes, with triangle balsa on each side of the formers for added support. The two 3s2p 4900ís fit perfect in this plane! My Harrier 3D RTF weight is 6lb 2 3/4oz. I balanced it just forward of the recommended CG. First flight was a little nose heavy, the other three flights I moved the CG back a little. I think it could be moved even farther aft. It still requires some down ele when inverted. Level flight is a little under 1/2 throttle, Hover is a little over 3/4.... so the pull out of hover isnít the best, but it does pull out. Iím not sure I like the 14x7e prop. In forward flight its fine, but in hover it just sounds.... well I donít know how to describe it other than maybe stalled (?) Anyway it doesnít sound like any other plane/prop in hover Iíve had. So far Iím happy with this plane, and itís ease of transport (when you donít want to pull the trailer). This plane is easy to convert.... I give it two thumbs up
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