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Eco8 - Crash and burn! :-(

Yes... it finally happened (sobbing)

There I was flying my beloved Eco8 at the nearby park. I had just finished "fine tuning" its new 120 deg setup, but it still needed some more work. I had also increased my pitch range from -2 +10 to a more aggressive -6 +10.5/11.

Took off into a hover. Did some forward flight, some loops, but I was mostly trying to get a feel of its new 120 setup. It definitely needed some more adjusting because every time I hit full collective the heli nosed down slightly (the two side linkages were slanted, while the elevator linkage was straight with the servo travel limited) nonetheless I kept on flying .

A family gathered up to watch the "show". They asked me to bring it in closer for them to admire.... I did. I hovered in front of them (at a safe distance) for a little while with the heli's nose facing the wind.

The crash:
I decided to do a tight 180 degree turn, back towards me flying downwind. As I made the turn the helicopter's nose dropped with the wind hitting from the back. I added full collective (with its nose down tendency) and pulled back on the stick.... hmmm.. nothing happened.... CRASH!! Nose-in into the ground . The family went "oooohhhh.." And my mind went "$$$$$$".

The Eco crashed into grass which I think helped absorb part of the impact. Still, it seems to be severely damaged.

Obvious damage:
> Both MS blades cracked at the middle
> Both CF side frames broke!!
> CF flybar snapped both ways
> Lost one of the flybar paddles (couldn't find it)
> Pinion/MainGear/Tail gear are all out of line (something's bent badly)

All Electronic components "appear" to be ok. I'm sure some shafts must be bent!

Total disaster

This is definitely not my week. Last Sunday I smashed my Kyosho glider into a post! Both my digital cameras are not working... and now my Eco 8 went in!

I don't think so... my Logo 10 is not flying this week!

I feel like crap. Fitz, I need some parts!!


P.S: I'll post more information later.. I'm going to go the gym for a little while to unstress myself.

P.P.S: Repairable?? YOU BET!
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