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Originally Posted by Arbo
I might debate the debt, and if the tax cuts did good or bad, but I'd rather just say:

Listen to the dog on this one, because if anyone should know about debt and government spending way out of control, in stupid fashion, it's someone living in CA.

Well actually, considering deficits as a function of our budget, California is doing much better than the U.S. Fed, due largely to it's moderate Republican governor, and LA (Which I do not live in, BTW) has not had a budget deficit in my memory. Of course, it also had a Moderate Republican mayor until just a few years ago...and now seems to be getting a budget cutting moderate Democratic mayor.

There is a difference between stupidly spending what you do have, and what you don't have.

And I'm sorry, my figure of 7 trillion was incorrect. It's actually 848,324,813,050 dollars higher than that.

And the only "Good" that could be claimed from the 50 dollars left on the nightstand tax cut was pretty dubious, as it encouraged all those suckers who thought that $300 bucks meant GWB cared about them to vote for him again.
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