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Okay, off we go again

Right, here we go with another on line build thread that promises to be at least as drawn out as my previous ones. This time, the subject is the 1913 Eastbourne Monoplane at geared 400 size - 48" IIRC.

Despite originally being drawn up as a Speed 400 model, it won't be fitted with a geared 400 motor. I have one of those very cheap, 'bell' style, brushless motor/ESC combos that I want to try in this model. Bench tests, using a 9x4.7 GWS prop and 2 cell LiPo pack showed a very smooth running motor that throttled well, pulled a shade over 12 Amps and a power in reading of 100 Watts.
Since I normally fly my models at around 30-40 Watts/lb., quite obviously this is far more power than I'll need in what should be a model weighing 1 1/2 lbs. Throttled back, and given a 2 cell, 2000 mAh pack (2s LiPo), duration should be quite good. The weight of the battery pack helping to balance the model.

Now, I know several of you have already built models of this particular prototype and I'm hoping you might be able to help with a few details. I'd like this model to be reasonably accurate, although I'll probably stick to my usual flat bottomed wing section. The three view that I have shows what appears to be an all moving rudder and ailerons that extend all the way to the wing tips. For some reason, I have this image of inset ailerons that don't run to the tip and a separate rudder and fixed fin. I've done a bit of searching, but can't find anything to confirm either option. So, if any of you have further info, it would be most welcome.

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