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happy 4th of July

well i'm about 3 hours late, but i got my Independence Day Micro Mite printed tissue plane done - almost in time for the 4th of July. this was my first attempt at doing printed tissue, and i'm pleased with the results. i went with the micro mite cause i've got a soft spot for it, being the first micro plane i built and flew, plus i've built so many, i know how to do it relatively quickly now.

I used CorelDraw 12 and the Micro Mite PDF file plan for the drawings and did the design myself. standard tissue paper from Michaels, 3M77 for adhesion of the backing paper and tissue itself - very light coatings on both. i learned quite a bit on this trial run, but forgot to create some extra boarder so i could overlap the tissue. much thanks to Gordon for his tutorial and the P-38 plans to give me something to shoot for in the next go-round.

the MiMi plane comes in at 4 grams with the tissue. i scaled up the size a bit, making the wing span a little over 8". the extra size will be for when i get my BL motor working, accompanied by the microbatics .5g BL controller. that should give it some extra oomph

anyway, here's some pics.

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