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mmm, well I am thinking of making something that is somewhere between a halfpipe and a zagi. That is fast and vertical, but strong enough to take hits, and have some hope of recovering. Its obviously never going to be as fast as a halfpipe AND as rugged and recoverable as a zagi. But I think a compromise can be reached. At Rosins the lift is so huge and the flying area is so massive that hits are rare, and I spend most of the time actually flying the thing, rather than crashing it, so flight performance is more important for me. It has to be able to recover though, it doesn't have to be in 2 meters, but it does need to recover.

If I were to make a pure combat plane, I would go for something like you made with thick sections and washout. But I wan't a speed combater. 90% flying fun and 10% combat. I am hoping the added energy it will have will help offset its less recoverable and heavy nature. I want to use the new PW51 foil on it. Its only about 1% thinner than the 5C foil anyway.
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