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Originally Posted by cadetman

FoamCrusher a little bit of advice.. Dont wave a Red Flag at a Raging Bull !


You were the one that said how many warnings you had in such a short time, and I took it as a boast, otherwise why would you say it. Sorry if I took it wrong - that's the trouble with the written word - it has no inflection.

Since you had received multiple warnings, I was just suggesting that you become aware of the rules so you would not break others and could stay here. If I wanted you to leave, I would have said nothing and let you stumble further, or baited you into violating them again. .... If you knew the rules then your comment about the multiple warnings is confusing since why then would you purposely violate them?

Please explain further in a PM what you mean about the red flag. Maybe I am dense, but I don't get it.

Oh well. No harm no foul. I am not a moderator and leave it up to them to enforce their rules. Post your stuff and let everyone have a look.

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