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Dear XT:
For years here in California going to the ocean to fly meant taking a slope glider and flying off of a hill over looking the ocean. When there was no wind we waited for wind and maybe highstarted a thermal plane up while we waited. With improved electrics many of us take an electric with us to fly in case there is no wind but we go to slope fly. In lite breeze I have had very long flights with electric planes such as you are describing without running the motor.
If the beach is empty there is no reason why you couldn't or shouldn't fly an electric there. I have flown out over the ocean and at first it feels daring but then later you have to go down to just above the waves for it to feel daring. Just don't fly over crowded beaches or populated shoreline/water areas.
Two decades ago when VCR camers were seperate from the heavy recorder units I remember being called a pervert by some young women on my first visit to Torry Pines near San Diego. They though I had my gear to take pictures of naked people such as they were planning on being on Black's beach. They just thought I was strange when they learned I was only going to be taking pictures from the top of the cliff of R/C gliders. have fun on your trip.
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