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Thats the IC I like best and since you have already made a circuit with it and I don't know much about electronics I was wondering why you didn't just use 6 N-channel MOSFETs instead of Ns driving Ps?

Also what hall sensors do I need? I'm guessing bipolar analog? 4pins?

I have a question about mosfets in general too, if you don't mind. Since I'm making a starter/generator, the starting voltage is 12v and the generated voltage could be to about 120v unless the stator saturates before then, not sure how the saturation stuff works, but on to the question.... The generated AC would be rectified by the diodes in the mosfets which is cool, but what if I'm not using any of the power, will the high voltage jump from the source to the gate? Is that what the Vgs is? How would I get around this? Could I just use a shunt regulator to keep the voltage down? I need a regulator to charge the battery anyway. I was gonna have a diode with the regulator in parallel with it so the battery doesn't get the high voltage strait from the generator. I know the Vdss has to be high enough too, but I just need to know if a high enough voltage can go from source to gate?

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