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Are you getting 45 degrees or so deflection up and down from your elevator when the plane is on the ground? If not, it's probably CA has wicked out into your rubber band hinge and hardened it so it won't flex as easily. It doesn't take much. I have never heard of a weak actuator since the windings are identical between units. When assembling the control surfaces, I hook them up to the RFFS-100 and test individually before gluing the rudder and elevator together or on the plane. This way if I don't get the deflection I need, then it's easy to remove the rubber and start again. Use medium CA, apply with a toothpick, and use accelerator if needed to stop the CA from wicking out into the middle of the hinge. It doesn't take much to make the actuator be overwhelmed.

We need to start a sticky thread with RFFS-100 tips, hints, and FAQ. There is nothing that difficult to these things. They are just different than our usual installation of HS55 servos and pushrods. It's an acquired skill. Dan, I'll let you start one.

How slow do you want to go? My Stechmücke (see my site) will fly at about 4-5 mph.
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