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My new 8.7" toy.

Hi there,

2 Days ago i bought this little plane at my local toy store for 25euro, its from a firm called Silverlit and is made from Epp, has two 6mm motors/45mm props and a FullRiver 130mA Lipo (3.8 grams 6c/10c rated).
Wing spann is 22cm ~ 8.7".
Length is 24cm ~ 9.5".
AUW is 18grams.
Receiver is hafe the size of a bit receiver

It has a 9V proportional transmitter, speedcontroll has 7 steps, it has a steering trimmer and steering is full left/right (one motor starts to turn faster) and a onboard lipo charger.

I made a few testflights although it was a bit windy and it seems to fly ok, level flight is at position 2...3 of the speedcontroll but the turns are a bit wide.

Would it help to place the motors furter to the wingtips and would it have some effect if i pointed them a bit outwards See last pic.

I want to strip the gear out and make a lighter biplane with a wingspann of 11" but it has to turn a bit faster.

Thanks Mark.
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