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I will keep you posted. I have already run into some things that are unclear to me in the plans and instructions. This is definatly no an ARF. The instructions leave a lot of room for self interpretation. I'm sure this is no trouble for an experience builder, but I am approaching this model and this thread as someone who has never built an RC Kit of any kind.

I have built very detailed rockets and stick built control like kits, but the do not have electronics.

Some things I am in the dark about now that I will be posting on as I get to those points. :

1. Assembling the Cowl: there is no explaination or drawings on how to glue this 2 piece plastic nose cover together.

2. Installation of electronics, servo postions, and push rod/horn installations. Again, plans/instructions are kinda foggy here.

That said though, the kit is very complete. It has everything except covering, Electronics, and paint for the cowl.

I also ended up with 2 canopys. One was damaged in shipping. I plan to paint one black from the inside out, And I plan to dye one dark smoke. I will posting my experiences and looks on both of these.

Bummer today is that I am almost out of Thin CA. I do not thing I will have enough to finish the wing. It has taken a whole bottle. I had 2 bottles, but one turned over on the bench and most of the CA leaked out. now it is kinda more like Medium thick CA so it is no good for the project. I will order some CA tonight.

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