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Fuse Nearly Done

Well I got the fuse nearly done and plan to finish up today. I have been taking my time on this model just doing a little-here-a-little-there. If one really put his mind to it, you could have the air frame done by now in the time it has taken me to get this far.

But, mine is coming out very strong and straight. As I tend to do, I am probably a little over kill on gluing. This will add some weight, but I think I will still be somewhere near the target of 45 - 55 oz. That large span in weight is due to my indecission on covering still. If I use what I have on hand (cost containment - ) - that is Ultracote/ecnocote/black barron film, it will weight 6-8 oz more that if I purchase some Solafilm from Bill Stevens.

As I have time, I am going to wait and see, and then weigh the finished air frame and compare where I am to others frame weights. If heavier by much, I will order new film and cover for weight, if on target or liter, may use thicer film. The difference is solid colors that are not truely solid. In the lite films, you can still see thru the solids. I donot like the look of that.

Here are some pics so far. Check out the real size of this plane it's Huge

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