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my li-poly charger that came with battery isit ok or not ????

iv gust looked at the charger that cam with my battery 11.1v 1800mah li-poly 3 cell that came from honk kong

says on it
beyond charger
model; ab41-060a-100t
input; 100-240v ac

i have charged the battery 2 or3 times with it and the battery dont even get worm ther is a small light on the frunt that starts out red then after a time changes to green i presum this indicats the charger has turned itsself off as battery is charged, at this point i disconect it

the bit that conserns me is the small righting on the bottem of the charger it says (with the hellp of a magnifing glass) intended for office machine/equipment only and allso came with a travel adapter to plug it in to

and thay put a self printed stiker on the frunt( li ion battery charging time 1:30 hours) so shud i be conserned or gust keep with it ????

the more i read thes threds the more poronoied i get are thay that dangerus that i should put it out side i dont take it off my helli just un plug it and sits on the desk in the house but now im thinking i shuled put it out
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