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Originally Posted by Z06kal
Hah well based on the carnage of the last Fermin F3F event, I'm not sure I would call landing at Fermin a non event. THe lift band of Fermin can't be compared to Vincent. Fermin is a great place, with awesome sceneary and what not, but it takes raw mountain volume and height to make a big lift band such as you find at Vincent or Grass.

Hi, Kal-
I would hardly call 40 knots at Fermin during the race that month normal....
the average is 15-20, sometimes less, occasionally more....
Most of the carnage was due to over-zealous racing thumbs reaching for sub-forty(in some cases sub 36) second times.
Heck, even I managed a 44 second run with my 2 meter beater.

Fermin and all other coastal sites rarely gets effected by thermals, which can cause inconsistancies at inland slopes...
Vincent and Parker have the DS thing going for them, and can be flown in two(or more?) wind directions...
But, I seem to remember even your light Destiny came away from that day unscathed(?)....
The landing at Fermin is more bark than bite. The wind has been very consistant lately there, although sometimes lighter than we'd like for heavier PSSer's.

Have fun Curt!

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