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Originally Posted by tallflyer

Ok I hope I can Help with the setup of your helicopter, lets assume you have made not modifacation to your helicopter and you are using all GWS parts,

when you plug in your battery does the green light come on and when it does so does anything move, tail motor main blades?
Yes the light comes on and sometimes the tail rotor spins but i just unplug to reset and then it is good.

Originally Posted by tallflyer
Are your trim tabs on your radio right in the center for the main rotor and the tail rotor when you first plug in the battery.

Which battery are you using anyways.
yes the trim tabs are centered when i plug in. I am using 7.4v 900mah lipo now but like i said before it was happening right out of the box with the stock birdseed.

Originally Posted by tallflyer
ok lets asume you have all the things above correct.

( everyone should listen to this alot of people forget this fact)
A fresh battery pack when pluged into your mixer will sometimes not setup right the first time you might have to unplug and plug it in to get teh mixxer to fire right, and as the battery starts to lose its juice you might have to apply a little more rudder to keep the nose straght as your battery level come down the main rotor speed changes so the mixerboard needs a little help! this does not mean your board is bad its just the nature of the beast..
Yes i have noticed those things but like i said it fly's fine it's just the tail rotor doesn't stop when i stop.

Originally Posted by tallflyer
Ok now lets assume again all is right where are your setting set on your mixerboard when answering this question just pretend that the little screws are a clock and tell me the information like 12 oclock and 3 oclock so I can get a good understanding of where your setup is...
Once again i have already answered this above in the original post. It is at 12 and 1 now but i have tried 12 and 3. I have also tried fine tuning the mixer by going up and down a little but 12oclock is where its happy.

I am not alone with this problem several other users have posted in the past with the same issue and i have yet to see a solution.Most of the stuff you mentioned above i did have to learn from trial and error since the heli comes without a users manual.But the stuff like " does the green light come on?" Well of course it does or i wouldnt be able to fly... and it fly's fine.

I do appreciate your help and if you have any suggestions about why the tail motor runs on it would be great, but i really feel i'm wasting my time answering obvious questions.

EDIT: maybe you or Mr. Lin could name some specific things that would cause my specific problem and i could check those?
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