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For one of my heavy boats I use a pair of rope 'slings' (couple of fairly large sized loops, one going under the stern, the other the bow) to get the boat in the water. Not exactly the prettiest things, but they work fine. I also transport the boat in the back of my pickup, a few bags of sand used for 'cradles'. The boat weighs something like 10-15 pounds, the bags and slings make it easier to transport and get in/out of the water.
I don't carry a 'tool box' for the boats, do have handy tools in the truck though. Couple of the 'right' sized screw drivers, pocket knife, pliers, etc. Most times, when I have problems, I just cuss a little and go home to fix it. [The pond I use is in town so it isn't that long of a trip to/from, pond/home.] Some times I wish I had a crane on the truck, but...
- 'Doc
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