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Originally Posted by mdttb
Mount the HS-56 from the inside. In other words have the servos mounting tab holes on the inside of the frame. You'll have to take off the one mounting tabs on the 56s so they'll slide in from the back. The linkage may not be straight up and down put it'll be a lot closer then what you have now.

Just FYI before you screw the ball linkage screw in you should use a little bit of CA on the screw as the hole seems slightly larger for the screw.

Thanks Todd, in the picture, the servo already behinds the frame plate. Looks closely you wont' see the ear right at the shiny screw. I have had the servo mounted from inside the frame. That's why I said in another thread that it will take ALOT of time to fix this helicopter after a crash if I have to replace the servos. All 3 servos are mounted this way.

I used a longer screw for the collective ball link as the stock one kept falling off. It's weird to have steel screws (fine thread) to screw to plastic like this design.

Do you have problem with the elevator arm? It's tought to move and even toughter when the flybar is at 3 & 9 o'clock position . I've already smooth out all ball links that I even see some slop some where. When moving the elevator click, the frame even moves a bit.

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