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Originally Posted by thanhTran
I'll post the problem I face when building an ARK X 400 in this thread or some pictures when building it here

Here is one that I face now before I can do some hovering with it:

The problem is that the servo linkage won't be straight when connecting the link to the lever. HS56 servo is too high for this.

How would you fix that problem?




I'm unsure of what your problem is, it looks like you are concerned that the link is leaning out slightly (due to the servo height).

I don't this will represent any real problem for you, certainly not for hovering etc.
You'll be amazed how much slop, and misallignment helis can fly with - but the better you get them the nicer they are to fly (and when you are pushing the envelope, e.g. 3D flying then they start playing a part in producing problems).

You could, of course look at turning the 'Z' link up side down, so the 'Z' comes into the upper face of the servo arm, goes through, and comes out underneath!

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