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My Corsair

I have had this done since about February. I flew it back at the beginning of April and it is fast. This was my first glassing attempt and it went well. Just very time consuming. It weighs about 18.3 oz. without battery. With the battery I use 3sp lithium, I think etech 1250's. It weighs about 20.3 oz. I use servos - hs55 for elevator, futaba micro for rudder and 1, hs81mg for ailerons. The ailerons stick somewhat because of the wires bending through the shape of the wing. It is flyable with 50% or 100% throw on the servos, but with like 25% it sticks after turning one way and it doesnt want it fix itself, I have to manually move the stick all the way to the other side to right itself. I might go back and use 2 servos for the ailerons, it will be much better. It has himaxx 2500-4200 with balsa products 18 amp esc. 9 x 6 prop with c gearing. If anybody can run the calcs for how many amps Im running would be great. The time I flew it only had it about half throttle and it felt like it was going 35 mph. Other planes include slow stick, Estarter, TM 400, Superstar .40, Mini Dragonfly 300, and this 1. So far this one has got to be the fastest, still waiting for better weather to get back out, it is my favorite plane so far. Only flown so far 3 flights about 2 min. each. Everything went great. Here it is.
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