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How to have Flaperons (flaps + ailerons) with a 4 channel receiver

The field where I fly my pylon racer is not too big, so I decided to install two servos on the wing to have FLAPS and/or AIRBRAKES so my plane can land shorter distances. The challange was that I wanted to continue to use my light GWS R4P receiver that has only 4 channels, without having to go to a heavier 6 or 8 channel receiver.

Since Ch4, the rudder, of the receiver was not being used,
I connected the right aileron to Ch1 of the receiver, and the left aileron to the unused Ch4. By using the programmable mixers in my Futaba radio my plane now has flaperons using a 4 channel receiver!

These are the mixers I am using:

Purpose: Send transmitter signal from aileron stick to Ch4 of receiver.
Settings: Master: AIL; Slave: RUDDER; 100%, 100%; Trim: ON; Link: ON, Offset: 0%; Switch: A-Null (= feature always on)

Purpose: Inhibit Rudder stick from sending signal to Ch4 of receiver; i.e., disable Rudder stick on Transmitter.
Settings: Master: RUD; Slave: Rud; -100%, -100%, Trim: ON; Link: Off; Offset: 0%; Switch: A-Null (= always on)

Purpose: Move right flaperon up when throttle stick is 7% up; i.e, when I am about to land and I am cutting off the power.
Settings: Master: OFS; Slave: AIL; 45%, Switch: Stick3 at 7% with little triangle under the number 3.

Purpose: Move left flaperon up when throttle stick is 7% up.
Settings: Master: OFS; Slave: RUD; 45%, Switch: Stick3 at 7% with little triangle under the number 3.

Purpose: Trim elevator as flaps move up.
Settings: Master: OFS; Slave: ELEV; +5%; Link-Off; Switch: Stick3 at 7%.

I first tried controling the flaps by using the transmitter knob for Ch6, but it is hard to set to neutral while flying. Next, I had the Airbrake Switch on my radio control the flaps; i did not like this setting either because I needed to flip the switch when the plane is just about to land. Now I have it set up so the flaps go up automatically when I am cutting the power. I really like this setting because I can concetrate on landing.

My next step will be to use the spare mixers so the flaps move in the opposite direction of the elevator to have tigther loops.

Please note that the sign of the percentages in all the programmable mixers are dependent on your specific servo installation.

Let me know if this information is useful to you. And I am also interested in learning how you are using the mixers in your computer radio to "enhance" the performance of your plane.


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