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Size Matters!
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4.3 gm
13x2mm 6 tooth stator
8 - 6x3mm N50 mags cut to 5.55mm
2024 t3 stator/bearing tube and end bell plate
4130 chrome moly fluxring
1mm titanium prop shaft
3x1mm bearings

1st test run started without any problems w. phoenix 10, havn't tried the wes-teknic 1.3gm controller yet.
Aiming for a 2cell smallish prop wind so started with 24wraps of 30awg in star. This was too hot as it drew 4amps on 2cell w/ gws 3x2 (made a big draft)- perhaps good for 1 cell? I ran it at 4amps a while and it didn't get hot! I can pack more copper on or may have to get some smaller gauge wire.

Much appreciation to Gordon, mcross, Ron van Sommeren, olmod, rysium, and Scott for the free flow of information and ideas!

Testing continues.......
Just wound up the spare stator tube with 32 turns 30awg to try.....
-edit- The 32 turn on 2cell w/ gws3x2 prop draws 2.7amps and spins 21,400rpm.
32 turns of 30awg is about max for this stator, so I'll locate some thinner wire to pack on more turns.
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