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Have Bluecore....will fly
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Well fine tuning is done, battery is charged, forecast looks good for Sunday. I still havenít glued on the cockpit. I think for my first test flights I'll leave it off. After I get her to behave in the air I will glue it on and compensate for the drag.

DWA - Not sure how well she would soar. The model really is an odd flying box(that looks cool ) Test glides for me have had to be fast to keep her flying, be she does soar for a while!

James - Thanks for the link, cool site. If the falcon flyís my next ship might be a Snow speeder or the Republic Gunship. They could be fun parkflyers, is it possible??
I'm glad your going back at it. The printed graphics do look good .Thereís no mistaking what that ship is. Good luck with your new bird!

SammyB - The fins on my Falcon are about 5x6". As big as I could get out of a CD case.

Akura2 - How about the Super Star Destroyer. She even kind of has small wings. You could have a mini Falcon drop off her during flight and glide to the ground. Good idea of the docking bay for the fan intake.

Thanks all for your comments and encouragement.

May the Force be with us all.

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