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Geez gary, thats a wicked hike back on a busted up leg. Looks like a nice spot though.
I always carry a flattened out roll of tape (duct tape, gaffer tape, or 2" strapping tape) in my pack where ever i go!. Just pull the cardboard tuube out of the middle and stand on it make it flat.

Its possibly one of the most useful first aid things anyone could carry ('cept maybe that cell phone you need to get).

You can fix your pack, or fix a plane with tape.
You can strap a twisted ankle, or dislocated knee.
You can splint a stick (or a EPP wing) to a broken leg.
You can close a nasty cut or gash with tape.
Geez, you can even tape the spoiler back on your car if you happen to bust it off on a nasty tire wall at 150!.

Good job on ggetting back safe though!

Remember: Gaffer tape is like the force... it has a light side and a dark side and holds together the universe!


p.s. It doesnt hurt to have some big cable ties stashed in your pack either. They are sure handy items to have when you need them, and arent at all heavy to leave in the pack always.
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