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This whole transmitter is a gimmic! They call a 4-channel transmitter with CCPM mix as "Channel Six" only because it transmits one of the slave channels as the 6th pulse in the PPM frame (the 5th pulse is not used). Following this logic, Multiplex should have called all their old Europa models as 6-channel transmitters as they duplicated the throttle channel in 5th and 6th pulses (to identically drive 3 servos in 6-ch receiver).

Regarding "Spectra" term.
AFAIK, "Spectra" is a trade mark of Hitec used for syntethised frequency module, which allows you to dial two digits of a channel number to switch to any channel in the frequency band of this module. Futaba recently introduced a similar syntethised module, while it was selling fixed frequency blocks for many-many years (I've seen old Gold-series Futaba transmitters with such RF blocks).

The frequency block in this ESky transmitter seems to be of fixed type with a regular Xtal sticking out of it. The only reason to introduce such a module (besides marketing hype) is to change the frequency band between 72MHz, 50MHz, etc.
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