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Re: Looks like I'm an Ebay seller now...So this is a Paypal question


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> Yep.. look at it this way..even if you dont take paypal and are going sell
> on ebay..they have your info anyway, as I am pretty sure that ebay owns
> paypal....either way they will have access to your checking/banking (for
> seller fees).......
> Another option, if feasible, is to set up another bank account just for
> selling.....
> Good Luck
> "Honest John" <> wrote in message
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>> So if I read you right, you lean toward giving them access to my checking
>> account but the added cost they hit me for the CC services may not be
>> worth it to me, the sub-$500 per month seller.
>> I guess I can deal with that. I am gun shy because a few years ago Paypal
>> "accidently" pulled $1700. from my checking account and took over
>> a month to "fix" their error.
>> I have heard that they are somewhat better at keeping things in order
>> now,
>> but as I said, gun shy.
>> John