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Re: Looks like I'm an Ebay seller now...So this is a Paypal question

Pay Pal sucks since you have to pay for there service and loss money, But I
think you'll attract more buyers.
I know when I purchase off eBay, that I'm just too impatient and want the
item NOW! So being able to pay with a CC makes that possible.
And the benefit is you get the money in your PayPal account faster, of
course they will charge you to transfer the money to your bank if it's under
All said yes it's worth it, even though I grumble about it.

"Honest John" <> wrote in message
>I have been an Ebay buyer for a long time.
> Have a Paypal account but I am not verified. Do not
> have a premier account, That means Paypal doesn't have
> access to my checking account and I can't accept
> payments that were made by a credit card.
> So the question:
> Is it worth it to get verified? Paypal screwed me once long ago.
> I am gun shy about giving them direct access to my bank
> account. On the subject of paying the higher rate to accept
> CC payments, is it worth it for a guy that will only sell once
> in a while?
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