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Originally Posted by kahnxx
Answer no 1:
Dont EVER try to count up the money spent on this hobby, and if you ever make the mistake of doing so, NEVER, EVER tell your other half.

Answer no 2:
Despite the large sums of money invested in this hobby, it is actually quite a cost effective pursuit: Say you have spent thousands of dollars on all the equipment, then add up the number of hours of enjoyment that you spend on the hobby - not just flying hours, though - remember to include the time you spend building, shopping, reading forums, planning your next build/purchase, contributing to forums etc etc. You'll very quickly find that the $/hour equation comes out at a very respectable figure. For me less than $1 per hour - great value!


heh heh... very true. If you think about it, it is also much healthier and cheaper than drinking, smoking, or other forms of entertainment.
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