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My current plane incl motor, electronics, etc is about $300. The camera, PRISM and SD cards, about $350. Batteries specifically for AP about $100. And the transmitter about $200. So if the car caught on fire on the way to the field, I would be out about
$1000 to replace the AP rig. If I have my laptop (bought mostly for viewing / editing pictures) add $2200.

However, I also fly gliders - and much of the equipment is also used there.

And then there's the cost of learning to fly - slowsticks and my old 3-ch radio. So, since I started in RC about 2 yrs ago, I have probably spent about $8K.

But as others have pointed out - compared to, say, water skiiing - that's chump change given the hours spent engaged. I often compare flying motor-gliders to fishing. The run-up is the cast. Then I "fish" for a thremal. And "play" the thermal when/if it bites. It's generally relaxing, happens outdoors, and has moments of excitment. Again - compared to the price of a bass-boat, my RC budget would not provide the fuel for the boat and the truck that would be required to pull it. As hobbies go, I think this is one of the least expensive.

As for AP - it gives me a "mission" to apply the skills largely gained with the gliders. I take a lot of pictures for friends of their houses, neighborhoods, etc. And they seem to really appreciate it. It is fun for them to watch the plane and then to share the pictures with their friends and families (often waving from the driveway). I sincerely enjoy the pictures posted on this forum of things and places - small towns and far-away countries. I love the "my house" self portraits. I think this is more "good will" toward others than most hobbies provide. The only reason to take a picture, after all, is to share it. This sense of sharing makes the money well spent, in my opinion.

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