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A field force 7 ought to have all the functionality you need. Just activate elevon under wing type, plug servo's into the aileron and elevator slot and set your mix percentages. Generally you want to accept the default on elevator and adjust the aileron values downwards. Alternatively skip the mix values and go straight to the dual rate function. Set the aileron at about 75% of elevator, add some expo on both. For a futaba set you want negative expo values, start with 25% and add to taste as you fly and get the feel for the plane.

I've used the US equivalent of what you would call a field force 8. Lately I have a Futaba 9C and JR 9303 - all are very nice for complex EDF's. You can run out of channels if you are trying to do retracts, flaps etc. But for a Rafale 7 should be enough. Aileron, Elevator, Rudder if installed, Retract, Canard if installed, Nose steering.
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