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Mills 0.75 Diesel RC

A few years ago I purchased a K-Mills diesel motor with an RC carb for about $40. This an Indian-made copy of the popular Mills 0.75cc (aprox .049 cu inch) free flight motor and includes an RC throttle carb. I bench ran the motor and never really liked its performance. Construction quality is poor and it does not start easily (unlike the original Mills 0.75). It turns a Cox 7x3.5 prop at 8000 RPM and the throttle does not work very well on this sideport motor.

I decided to build a sheet balsa model for the engine and I threw together this twin boom motor glider that uses a Jedelsky all-balsa wing (see photo below). I decided to make it a pusher to keep the oil off of most of the plane, but I made the nose a bit too short and needed several ounces of nose weight to balance it. The wingspan is 50 inches and it weighs 16 ounces. The controls are rudder(s),elevator, and throttle.

The model flies great even with the wimpy Mills chugging away. It climbs at about 400 fpm and is easy to fly low and slow in the park. The Jedelsky wing is very efficient at low speeds and super-easy to build. If I were to build another I'd make the nose longer and use a little less dihedral. Maybe a more rounded fuselage would make it look less ugly.

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