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Actually they sell those Airhogs RC mini planes in the departure launges in Philladelphia and Newark International airports. For that matter small quantities of CA is also often sold in departure launges. And in I believe LiPo's whether in anything like a notebook or video camera, or transported separately, nowadays must be transported in hand luggage, may not be sent anymore as airfreight.

I also couldn't see what damage you could theoretically do with a small model plane that you couldn't do with your cellphone. Of course that's no guarantee to strange reactions from security. After all they do through away little nail files from 90+ year old ladies who can harldly be considered capable of ever reaching the cockpit from economy.

I could imagine that they may be a bit twitchy about the combination of one of the megasized models and certain destinations (e.g. Washington D.C.).

By the way, I wouldn't ask the airline before hand. That allows them to give you a negative answer because they actually don't know (have never thought about it) and its easier. Simply showing up with a bag which falls well within handluggage or luggage limits, increases your chance that there will not be a problem. If they make a problem at that time, they're also creating one for themselves: if they don't allow you to lug the thing along, they'll have to figure out how to get it to your destination.
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